Swimming, reading and knitting

We took a quick trip to Tullahoma to go to one of the grandchildren's swim meets and help Jenny with some deep cleaning. The children, who had been sick, did not have their best day but we enjoyed seeing them compete. Drew competes with 9-10 year olds and at 10 is about the height of the other boys although he is heavy. Sarie, on the other hand competes in 8 and under, and at five, is much smaller than the other girls. When they line up she comes to the shoulders of most of the others. We will see them again next week at a meet closer to home and I hope that they will be back to their top form.

When I arrived home I found that two packages had been delivered. Wheeee! I now have two new books and some yarn for an afghan/blanket.

One of the books is this one by Danny Gregory which is an illustrated memoir of the grief he dealt with after the death of his wife, Patti. I have begun reading it already. Gregory is very honest and open about his grief, its effects on his life and how he has handled it. The illustrations are the drawings he made at the time; some are rather rough, most are in lots of color and all bring his words to you with an immediacy that is unusual.

The second book was written by Mary Palmer Dargan, the woman who taught me Landscape Design. I helped her with her first book so just had to have the second. She is very knowledgeable and has created landscape designs all over this country and in England. I have worked in some of the gardens that are shown in the book.

This yarn is multicolored and just fabulous. I can hardly wait to get started even though I have several other projects ( I have lost interest in them and it is hard to want to work on them). Maybe I will get to them after this is finished. There will be 24 blocks, each with several colors, with stripes that vary in width/thickness as they go across. This magic is accomplished by knitting short rows and makes "waves" of a sort. It is suggested that learning to knit backwards might be helpful. Since I don't knit all that well forwards, I am not sure if I will attack going backwards quite yet.

Here are the bookcases. The new one, not yet filled, is on the right. I have books still to assign to it but I want to think about what should go where. The new one has two separate sections inside and Dean would, I know, like to have the shelves lined up across from each other but I think that they will have to be placed wherever they need to be so that the books will fit. We will use the dining table for a library table and put the slanted stand I use for dictionaries on the sideboard. Voila! A dining room/library. There are two servers and each has a shelf along the lower area so the whole place might get loaded with books before it is all over.

Finally, here is my abstract piece. This is the first I have made with no pour or firm idea in mind when it was begun. I might still make some minor changes but I am rather pleased with it. I think that the next will be a little smaller. This is about 22" by 30" and I think that I might try a 24" square.

Thanks for "stopping by". I hope that you will tell me what you think and come again!


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