Today the sun was not obscured by clouds. Today there was no rain in this county. Today was a lovely day. We have had rain every day for the last week and a half for a total of 8.7". Yesterday we finished it all up with big wet snowflakes. Today was sunny and cool. It was wonderful!!

While it was so rainy, I was forced to work in the house. Here, sideways for some reason, is a little drawing I did and below is a  little painting. I have been working on abstracts for a while and it was fun to try the lemons, not to mention how much the cheery color helped. These are done on 5"x7" pieces of watercolor paper in pencil, then gone over with a waterproof black pen and then colored or not as the mood strikes.
If you are interested in learning to do this, click here to go to Jane LaFazio's blog and check out her classes. She is a super teacher and you can post your work to the class Flickr and she will give you help. She is a generous and gentle teacher. I would like to take a live class from her some day. The other thing you can do is just pick up a pen or pencil and draw.

I have put in a few new lines on this piece and think that I will say that it is finished. Of course I said something on that order last time so you can't really count on that.

Meanwhile, the start above has become the piece below. I keep thinking it needs something dark, but then just can't do it. What do you think? I have a really hard time doing pastels although I love the pale colors.

Finally, I got my hair cut and, while it was fixed, walked (in the sun) to the drugstore where they make passport photos to have a photo made so I can renew my passport. It looks a lot like this but I had eaten off most of my lipstick and my face was red from walking a mile in the breezy cold.

 I broke down and called Dean to come with the car to take me home. It was getting toward sundown and cooling off and I was tired. Just a wus.



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