Does it ever seem...

Does it ever seem like you are doing and doing but at the end of the week there is not much to show for it? Perhaps that is because some of what I have been doing is studying and I am sure that you don't want me to write a long treatise on the Roman Empire and the early Christian Church! It is very interesting, and we also have what we call Theological Reflections or discussions.This weekend we are getting together on Sunday afternoon to share our life stories. It is easier to be open and transparent when you know a little more than the basics about your classmates. (Or you are blogging and have no idea who is reading for the most part).

Meanwhile, a piece of paper that started out painted with dark splotches of magenta, blue and purple became this

Then this
Then this

Then this

(Lots of glare here)
 and finally this.

 I just can't do pale. Just can't. The rooms in my house are pastel but I can't make pastel paintings or quilts. Go figure.

The knitting is coming along. Two squares rectangles finished (the second has to be bound off but the pattern calls for a larger needle and I am not going out to the studio or the store in this weird, icy, windy cold weather to get one.) This is my introduction to short rows and to yarn that varies not only color but also thickness. I am learning; old dogs can learn new tricks, even if slowly.    

Today's shoes and socks and yesterday's. Don't the stripes remind you of someone who lived in OZ? The LAND of OZ, not Australia. Today's seem rather ordinary. Especially if you have ever seen a blue cheetah!

 Thanks for stopping by.


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