It is beginning to look...

Now that the leaves are down I can see the "skeletons" of the trees around here and they are interesting. Some of the trees are quite old and have been cut  over the years to avoid various things. This is my favorite, and next to it is one of the camellias that borders my drive but is in my neighbor's yard. What a perfect bloom. I had a nice trek around the area, looking and snapping pictures on my phone.

When I got home I started putting out Christmas decorations. This angel is made of bronze wire screen. I have had her for ages (about 15 years or so) but she has been in storage for several of those years.

This paper angel was made for Sara to give to me when Sara was in college. A friend's mother made it, I think. She, too, has been in storage and I am so glad to see her again. Below is a cute angel that I have no memory of buying but I love her expression. I couldn't get her to move up beside the other angel, but the tree popped up there.

We haven't had a tree in years. There was no room in the cabin or in the apartment over the garage. We did have one while we were in the cabin but we had to leave it on the front porch. Since it was freshly cut there was no problem about taking it down - I think that it stayed until March. On my next post I will try to show you some of my favorite ornaments since you can't come see the tree.

Even though our hearts are heavy thinking about the families in CT who are suffering the loss of loved ones, we must still keep Christmas, remembering to pray for them, knowing that their Christmas will never be quite the same. We must make sure that ours are filled with love as a kind of memorial to them.



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