Closer and closer

We get closer and closer to the day. The day of the birth of the child born to set the world free. My understanding of that freedom has grown over the years to understand that freedom isn't being able to just do what you want and nothing else and things finally begin to make more sense to me. There are some good sides to getting older. Thank goodness!

The latest but not necessarily final work on the canvas. It is hanging in the house and I am beginning to like it, but I am still not ready to say that it is finished. Maybe. We will see. Stay tuned. 

Meanwhile, shall we have a cuppa? I believe that my English friends would say, "Will I be Mother?" and pour out. We might have to make another pot to finish the thoughtful, giggly, long talk that would be such fun. 

When we get tired of talking, there are always good books to read and share. This little guy will give you one or there are some upstairs and on the stair and in the bookcase and the library is only a block and a half away. 

Maybe we will watch the birds. If you look closely you can see two little birds on wires sticking out of the roof of the top house. That just delights me. 

As always, here is my heart. This one is tiny but has enough love for all of you. I hope that your Christmas is joyful and full of love and peace and that 2013 will be the best of years with good weather, good health and lots of good times with friends and family. Life is good, God is good. 



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