Are things slower?

Are things slower or are they faster?  I don't seem to have many photos, but I am not sure why. I think that what I have been doing is just a little hum drum. I have drawn tentative plans for remodeling our kitchen, back porch, and office, turning them into one large room.  This room will be laundry room (no more going down those steep stairs carrying loads of dirty clothes or climbing back up with arms full of folded clean ones).*[see note about washing machine below] kitchen, mud room, office, with a pantry and lots of windows. I hope that we can work it out because I think it will be nice.

As pictured on my sister's blog,, we live under the flyway of the Sandhill Cranes who fly over on their way from Nebraska to Florida.  I have been to Nebraska in the winter and all I can say is "GO Cranes! No sense is freezing your tail feathers." The cranes make the most interesting sound, rather warbling, almost cooing. For several days they were overhead and then they were gone. I look forward to it every year and go out to see them whenever I can. I didn't get any pictures but I did check on google and found a recording of their sound at "Sandhill Cranes Good Sounds " on YouTube.
Here is a little painting. It looks like an underwater aloe plant. I am not sure what it is but it was fun. The near part of it is painted  tissue applied to the watercolor paper. Not sure what the circle things are - maybe jellyfish or sand dollars or maybe it is all microscopic and they are dust motes; they are whatever you want them to be.

Here is the first layer of the next piece. If it goes as I think it will be very different in the future. I am never quite sure how these things will turn out. This one is on canvas that is 24" x 24" which seems very large as I begin working on it.

We are still working on getting the remaining part of the basement ceiling down  and the mess cleaned up, the mantel piece finished and, oh my, the washing machine.* Dean called today and they said that the part had to be manufactured and that it might be here by Christmas. I nearly cried. I think that I might just go buy another machine. EEEEEK!!
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