The start of a busy week

On Saturday Dean and I have been getting together with my sister and brother and sister-in-law for breakfast. We are trying different places each week, checking out various diners to find the best. Last Saturday, though, Kay had made plans to go to Knoxville with friends and the other four of us had breakfast at Casa Carolina. I tried an oatmeal dish I had found on Carol's blog. There were a few problems. I had to change the setting on the stove which required that I touch "start" again, but since it was already hot and I just wanted to raise the temp I forgot all about starting it again so when I went to take the pumpkin steel cut oatmeal out of the oven, it wasn't done. We began with the stewed pears (from my neighbor's tree - very tasty) and cooked the oatmeal on top of the stove, but it had to be stirred and got too creamy. I think that next time I will use a little less of the ground cloves. We still had a good time together, but I suggested that we find another diner for the next meeting of the breakfast club. 

I plan to incorporate these B images (beetle, bee, bird, butterfly, bee balm, and branch) on the piece at right. Don't know exactly how yet, but that is part of the fun of it. If it turns out well, you will see it for sure; if it doesn't ...well, I just hope that it will. That all the images start with B is partly accident, but after several did, I found the others.

Polished silver today, grocery store tomorrow, begin cooking on Wednesday. We are all eating here although I am not doing all the cooking. I think that we will have 14, maybe 15. Maybe more, you never can tell . 

I hope that your Thanksgiving is wonderful. We have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for you and that you are reading this. 



Unknown said…
Oooh, We shall be eating with newly polished silver! That and your china will make a lovely table although Elliot pointed out that my china was very good for Thanksgiving due to the fall colors.

I am anxious to see how your painting goes. The start of it looks good as do the drawings. Right now I am too tired to think about painting. Need a nap!
Chrissy said…
I have never attended a Thanksgiving celebration although I've heard about it, a bit, from friends and from reading novels.

The best part must be sitting a a table with the whole family. I long to do that but we're here in France, one son is in Canada and the other three are in England. Oh well - there's alweays Skype.

Can't wait to see how all those Bs will look. They're very fine so I hope they won't be overpowered by that lovely pink and black pattern.

Have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving party tonight. We'll be eating a snack, watching Masterchef on TV!

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