The good, the bad.....

Vicki walked to my house Tuesday, then we walked to the library, then to her house and after checking out her newest painting and fortifying myself with a cup of coffee, I walked back. We passed the huge Ginko tree, which is turning yellow( it will all be as yellow as that top section) and I had to snap a picture to show you. When we turned around there was this red one.

The trees this fall have had beautiful color and it has lasted for weeks. Everywhere I go I find myself saying or thinking, "Oh, look at that one. And look at that one!" It is wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty. On sunny days the sky is blue enough to make you cry. We in the USA think of November as Thanksgiving, but it is a most beautiful month and certainly shows us much for which to be thankful.

On another front, my hairdryer gave up. Dr. Kervorkian, who officiated at its death and helped it along, has ordered a replacement for me but it hasn't come yet. Meanwhile I am drying my hair with the heat gun I use to dry paintings.

As you can see, there is no handle and getting it at the proper angle is close to impossible. Styling is a fond memory, but it does get it dry. Oh, the things we do for beauty!

Hmmm!. I thought I usually look better, but I can't tell all that much difference. Don't tell Dean, he might cancel the order for the hairdryer!

XOXOXO, Caroline


Unknown said…
I, for one, thought you looked beautiful last night at the art show even if you hair had been dried with a heat gun! And yes, the walk to the Bijou was wonderful with all the glorious colors the tree present.
I know you will enjoy getting a real hair dryer back in your hand and it MAY be a bit safer rather than using a head gun on your head. It will probably be here in a few days and I think I might order a small one also--they are so nice.

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