Changes and Sunsets

I thought that I would put this up first so you can compare it to its beginning. The big white spot near the middle is, of course, a reflection from the flash. I took this in the studio where there is not good light - the ceiling fluorescent behind the easel is not much help. With better light the upper left wouldn't look so washed out. This piece has more of me in it that any of the ones so far, but not the parts of me that show.  I made it a little larger so that you could see it a little better. Last Flight Out of Saigon

This is the beginning of  a new piece. The photo was taken at the same time, but the piece was on the floor. It didn't help with the lighting, though.

 This is also a recycled piece and I cut it down to make it square. The cut-off might become a companion piece to it. I am not crazy about the definite lines, but I will have to see how they work in to what I do next. I think this will be a mixed-media piece, meaning that I might add photographs or other things to it. I have ideas, but haven't figured out exactly how to apply them. What a lovely quandary.

You have seen this before, but I added a few bits to it and it might be finished. I might take out that little bit of green at the far right on the bottom of the largest shape. I just have to live with it a little longer before I decide. It seemed right when I put it in, but now I am undecided.

[I just can't get these pictures to line up the way I want them to. When I posted on iWeb, it lacked some of what Blogger has, but had things Blogger lacks. I guess that is the way things go so I had best get with it and quit whining. ]
The dull places in this are black gesso. It is also a recycled piece  with a little metallic gold on it. When I coat it a little of the shine will come back. This was one of my very first non-representational pieces and not the best, but I wanted to see if it could be improved. The answer is yes, but not enough. It is good for Halloween, don't you think?
I really enjoy painting. Since the weather has changed, though, it is quite chilly in the studio and my one heater just can't get it and keep it warm since it has so many air leaks and just plain open spaces. The only indoor place with enough space to paint is the living room and that presents its own problems. I guess that I could set up shop in the basement, but the very idea makes me want to shoot myself. It is not a light and airy place and is only marginally warmer than the studio. Hmmmm. I wonder how warm Dean's warehouse/shop is? Maybe there is a little rental space somewhere near.  Stay tuned.

I close with some slightly out of focus pictures of the sunset tonight. I can only push my iPhone camera so far and this was at its limit. The bright spots in the sky actually had lovely color. I love the maple leaves on the blue-grey roof of my neighbors garage and the bright orange-yellow of the tree above. Wouldn't that make a beautiful abstract or non-representational painting? Paintings, though, are never as glorious as the real thing was. How happy I was that I looked up from what I was doing just in time to take these.

Didn't get to the library today and painting class is tomorrow. I did get some things done around the house and took a quick trip to Cornwall, courtesy of Chris West here. Take a break and see another part of the world. When I go to the library I will be looking for another visit with Harry Hole, Norwegian detective created by Jo Nesbö. I might also check out a  Tana French (I haven't read her second book, only first and third) and I will be looking at what they have by Carol Shields.

Till next time, XOXOX


Chrissy said…
Thanks for the link, Caroline.

I think the Last Flight picture is your best (that I've seen) so far. That trail of red. Really beautiful.

What do you do with your paintings? Are they hung in our home?

I do hope you find a warm place to work. You mustn't let the momentum go.
Unknown said…
I like the piece with the lines; they make it look wavy? Also like Last Flight... Not sure that is what comes to my mind but I like the painting. Hope you are considering done glow for the sparse one. That would be fin to do and interesting to see the result .

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