Where did the week go?

I don't know what happened to last week, but I turned around and suddenly it was gone!

I lost my new red lipstick. Horrors! Today I found it again. Thank goodness! I am only now getting accustomed to wearing it. I bought a different but similar red for my purse, just in case, so I haven't been colorless these last few days. I had dropped into a bag I took on a trip.

Today was the first of the next set of painting classes. There are such good artists in the class that I feel very out of place. However, hope springs eternal and I might get something good done yet.
Here is what I have done to the picture of the boy and girl. I will paint this out and make something else of it, but I had to try this before I did. I just like this girl's face. If I can figure how to make the scene more interesting I might save it yet but I am not holding my breath. I will work on it with the drawing program I have on my iPad and see what I can do. Suggestions?

While I was waiting in the studio for paint to dry I cleaned out a set of shelves and have now taken them apart. I haven't found a place for quite everything that was on them but I am well on my way and should have that done soon. Having this shelf out of the way gives me more breathing room, and I can hang more magazine boxes on the right side wall. My painting space is just to the left of this and is now much less crowded.

I got out my fall/winter purse. This one has a shoulder strap and I like that when you have on a jacket. Of course it is not really that cool yet, but it is officially fall, so... . When it is still so warm but no longer summer it is a challenge to find something appropriate to wear. Thank goodness for jeans, but even jeans can't be worn just everywhere for everything.

Vicki and I met at the library for sketching and yakking. I paid my huge overdue fine (how I could let that build up when the library is so close to my house is simply unfathomable). The James Patterson book proclaims his name so loudly that the title doesn't show. It is the 11th in the Women's Murder Club series. The other, also a thriller,is by Tana French, who is new to me. I am limiting myself to two books a week and returning them promptly. No more $12.00 fines!!

I did my homework for the Education for Ministry course I am taking. We were finishing Romans, which is not the easiest book in the Bible to read or understand but I understand much more than I did before studying it, so that was time well spent. It was so cool in the house when I sat down to study one morning that I had to go get a little heater to put under the table.

I had my teeth cleaned and got a good report from the hygienist but I will spare you any pictures of that. I went to Tullahoma Friday and came home Saturday evening. We went to a party Sunday evening. With so little done, how did the week fly by so quickly?

Studio day tomorrow and then there will be those pictures of paintings again.


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