How can I lose two pairs of plant clippers? Dean bought me one soon after we moved here and it disappeared. Then he bought me another. Now it has gone. I thought that the first might have fallen into the compost bin so I emptied it; it needed turning, so I bit the bullet. All the way to the bottom and no clippers. Now I have to shovel it all back in and Dean suggests that I add some dirt as I go. I won't tell you what I wanted to suggest to him! The store had no more of those very nice clippers so I have another kind. These will probably last; I don't like them as well.

He did help me limb up the Crepe Myrtle and it looks much better. The trunks should show on this tree and it had branches to the bottom. It needs to be moved but that will have to wait until cooler weather or maybe until the spring. Dean has been spraying weeds, as you can see. My idea is that if it is green, cut it and call it lawn, but wanting a monoculture lawn if something he got from his father and I can't talk him out of it, no matter how much evidence I give that a mix is much better for everything. I will keep trying, though.

In Cleveland we pile out clippings at the curb and a big claw truck from the city picks them up. I hope that they go to compost, but I really don't know. In our other places, we piled branches in the far back of the yard as shelter for the critters but here the far back is not that far from the house and we use it for the dogs. We try to compost what we can and hope for the best. This pile is larger now because it contains the clippings from my morning's trimmings. In fact, it is about twice as large.

The hydrangeas on the side of the house bloomed blue then turned green and are now lilac. Another variety bloomed white and turned bright green. How many gifts in one shrub!!

How is your fall garden? I am trying to divide my time between studio, yard and house as well as class at church and our next series of art classes begins at the end of Sept. I want to have something to show in each area by then.  don't place your bets just yet.


Chrissy said…
You're so good with your garden, Caroline! And isn't that interesting about the collection of garden clippings. Nothing like that here - people go deep into the forest to dump greenery. I had to smile about Dean's suggestion for the compost heap.

I forgot to say thank you yesterday for the link to my blog. And I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

My garden looks SAD. We've had a dreary wet summer, a sudden few days of crushing heat, and the plants and shrubs aren't happy at all. I'm going to cut everything back - that is, when we have finished our Sept/October wanderings.
Unknown said…
You beat me to it! I was working on my blog but stopped because everything needed charging. Computer, phone ( camera) and me! I'll finish in a bit. Somewhere several clippers are waiting to be found...there is a good chance they'll show up...sometime. I should follow your example and do some yard work.

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