From the studio

I did not get any yard work done today before the claw truck came and they don't come again for two weeks, so I bypassed yard work today. However, I did work in the studio. Here are the pieces I have been working on.

This is the newest piece. As you can tell, it is not finished and I don't even know what I will do to finish it at this point. To me it is rather Jane -ish or Cathy-ish or something related to English authors of a certain era. Vicki thinks it is Cinderella-ish - the Disney version, not the German. No toes cut off here.

I made the background of this piece some time ago - maybe a year. It isn't a painting on its on, so I decided to do something with it. As you can see, this isn't finished either. You can see that I have chalked in some leaves and there might even be another blossom somewhere. Working with white and different values of it was interesting. I am looking forward to finishing this.

This is an old piece that I reworked. Sandy said that we will work on what to do with our "dogs" and this was one. You might have seen it before. The water is actually greener. I like it better than before; it is a place no one has ever seen unless they have been inside my head but I like the peacefulness of it.
This is the beginning of a new one. It was a wonderful and evocative pour but it was so wet that it ran back on itself and lost its atmospheric quality. I still think that it might be good with a little work. I have no idea what it will be, but I am getting ideas. It looks watery, don't you think? This was two greens and a blue and one of the greens broke down and its yellow shows. Greens are strange that way - not stable in some formulations. I like the effect, though.

On another note, Dean gave Jackson a bath yesterday and all the little critters in the neighborhood now have material for their nests for the winter. Jackson is evidently blowing his coat and his fur is all over the yard and the neighborhood. And I thought that Labradoodles weren't supposed to shed.  He get more Labra and less Doodle every year.  Bella, on the other hand, remembers that her father was a poodle and sheds very little. She is such a good girl.

Cool night, warm days. Wonderful!!How is it at your house?


Unknown said…
Ilike the red one at the top. And I like the latest. Do I sense a little favoritism re: Bella and Jackson? I can tell you that my doodle shed like crazy. But my little Missy doesn't at all. I also like the magnolia type flowers. That's all. - Joanna
Unknown said…
I really like the various shades of white in the flowers and, of course, I love the pour. Just as I love the background on this blog. Really nice. The blue water fairy land place is really looking good and everything in it makes sense now. I especially like the bark on the tree on the right side.It will be fun to see what you do with your newest pour!

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