We were busy today

We were busy for us, that is. I find that as I get older, it takes less and less to seem like a day's work.T
This was my night stand early this morning. You might not believe this, but that is much better than it sometimes is. Sometimes the books are piled four high on the top and the bed steps below are just useless for getting into the bed. I decided to clean. 

I started with the drawer which was a hodgepodge of all sorts of things. If I can keep from filling this up again, I think this is good. Handkerchiefs, eye shades, shea butter, pills, reading light and extra glasses, foot files and smoothers, and bookmarks. Not bad. 

Here it is after I finished. Extra magazines dealt with, books ready to read (on bottom step) iPad(red) sketchbooks, thirsty stone for my water and/or coffee cup, lip balm, and the ever handy flashlight to check the clock when I awake at unreasonable hours. Our bedroom, by the way, is pink.

Meanwhile, Dean was busy on the stairs. He removed molding on the big square in the wall, did some sanding and cut out the piece in the middle with a saw. We knew there was an attic fan behind there.

It isn't as ugly as I feared but not too good looking either. The square can be replaced when it is too hot or too cold outside. Dean will add trim and it will have a finished look when it is replaced. In the spring and fall, though, and on cool nights, the fan is much cheaper to run and makes the house very comfortable. With the windows open I can hear the trains and the night sounds and I like that. 

The rest of what I did was iron and clean the kitchen and do a little computer work. Dean worked on something outside but I didn't even get to the studio. Tomorrow must be different as I have class (Vicki and I do) on Wednesday and I want to have some work done on what I began last week.

What have you been doing? I hope that it has been rewarding or fun or both. Let me know. Go to the end of the post and click on "comments". If you get this by e-mail you can click on the address at either top or bottom (the part that says "tantivy.blogspot.com" and it will take you to the post again. Scroll to the bottom for the comment box.

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Chrissy said…
Do you really want to know what I've been up to?
Well, my son is coming over to France from GB with his partner Lindsay. We have to give them our bedroom and we sleep downstairs so it was all-change: removing all the stuff we'll need for the next 10 days, cleaning every single surface of the bedroom and their bathroom (including cobwebs which seem to appear daily in the beams), a huge pile of ironing, the vegetarian meal for this evening...
Then downstairs to clean there, making lunch and drinks for Hugh and me, two lots of washing in the machine, tidy up the garden room.
I really dislike housework BUT I can't stand a dirty or untidy house. The way I have always managed to rise above my anti-housework feelings is to do the job the very best I can. Listening to an Audible book at the same time where possible. At present I'm listening to the complete set of Anthony Trollope's Barchester Chronicles. With all that home-making to do, I would never have the time to actually sit down and read it to myself.
PS: I'm going to have another go at subscribing!
Unknown said…
I have no idea what happened but mid reply on my ipad the program froze and I couldn't complete it. So I am hoping that nothing strange happens and you get a bunch of gibberish that goes through somehow.
I hope that everyone actually clicks into your blog so they can see the pretty background colors that are not there when I read it through the mail.
I have done nothing useful today but you have inspired me to pick up several things (I seriously doubt any drawer cleaning will occur) as you have already done, do some painting as you plan to do and listen to a book or movie a la Chrissy!
Unknown said…
Love your blog. I can hear you talking while I read! Keep it up, I just managed to find it and add it to my favorites, again.

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