The great and the ugly

Here is the greatest summer breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper, or whenever you choose to have it. Tennessee grown tomatoes and scrambled eggs courtesy of Dean. Every bite was yummy. The tomato had jut the right acidity and the eggs came from a local farm. Just a little salt.

But here is what is left of the fallen tree down the street. A crane came to lift it off the house but then they cut it down. Maybe it was too damaged.  I hate to think that someone would say "cut it down" just because it was easier or cheaper. It had been there so many years.The house looks so bare and I am sure that the people in the upstairs back apartment feel exposed to the world without that tree shielding them. I do hope that they (I don't know who is in charge here, just THEY) will remove the stump and plant another, but things don't always work out as we wish. (bet you knew that already!)

Out to the studio I go to have a wonderful afternoon. I hope that yours is wonderful also.


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