When there is no map

When you begin to go some place and you have no idea of how to get there or where it is and there is no GPS. Sound scary? That is painting!! I began a new painting in a different mode, where there is nothing to follow, no rules to lean on, and nothing to say "you have arrived at your destination". Of course that is always what it is like in many ways, but this was really a leap into the void for me.

I used oil paint and cold wax medium, which I have used before on other paintings, I started by covering the paper on the wall with colors - mostly reds but with some others, I did some scraping, some more layering, some thinking and then some more of all of the previous steps, more thinking, more thinking, a stroke here or there, etc. I think that I have arrived at my destination, but who knows. When I look at it, though, it feels complete. So here t is:

I have also finished the 3'x5' piece that I have been fiddling with for so long. I did some work in the top right and lower left and a few other places an suddenly it seemed to be what it should be. No names yet for either. I you want to suggest something I would be glad to consider it. Anyway, here it is:

I will be doing some other like the first, listening for that feeling of "You got this, girl" that can be so elusive. Meanwhile I am also reworking some older pieces now that I have some more hours of painting under my belt and making them better (I hope) and getting ready for two shows that I will be a part of. (of which I shall be part)

I hope that you are well and doing what you love to do - with or without a map.


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