One Was Accepted.

Well, I submitted five paintings and one was accepted. I certainly hope that it sells. Another show, put-on by the Civic Arts League , of which I will almost certainly become the treasurer, is also going up and I have two paintings in it. It is a smaller show and might not have as many viewers, but every viewer is a possibility!
There are other shows coming up.

It has been a difficult week. Dean had trouble with his meds and I had to call the EMTs. He is fine now, but the weather is taking its toll on everyone as I am sure you know. I went out to cut the grass and came in almost sick because I had fiddled around with the battery for the mower much longer than I thought and it was about 11:00 when I got started. Thank goodness we have very little grass and I just gave up on the backyard. It was only about 90 but so was the humidity. I love the south, I really do, but some days are just not meant for 76-year-olds to be out working in the yard and it is best to remember that!

I am working on another painting that I have been working on for a while. Each time I think that I am finished I take another look and find something else that could be better. I have hopes for finishing it but they are sometimes dim. Meanwhile, I will begin another, destined to be finished, some time next week.

Below are the paintings in the order in which they are mentioned. Blogger has changed its ways and I am having trouble with getting things where I want them. This might not work out. I will go to Instagram, I suppose. In fact, that is what I will do.

I hope that you are taking care of yourselves and not getting too hot. I would love to hear from you (thank you, Joanna for commenting).

Walk in love,


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