A little bird did it.

Have you ever seen a bird's nest up close and personal? I have two of them - one that Vicki found in her driveway and one that robins built on my porch last year. (They built a new one there this year) I don't know what kind of bird built the one we found but it has treasures in it - green mesh, shiny ribbon, purple ribbon. The robin's nest is neater but just grass and twigs. The robin that nested outside our window a few years ago used a tuft of our dog's hair. It was Jackson's hair- blonde and unmistakeable.

I decided that for my fifth 20 minute painting I would try one of the marble eggs in one of the bird's nests. Of course being the size of a hen's egg, and a large one at that, it filled the whole nest which probably would have held three or four bird's eggs.

I think that I might either work more on this one or paint it again.

As for reading, I am taking a break from Margaret Atwood in favor of Mary Kay Andrews who is much lighter and funny.s. Atwood is good but a little on the dark side about the future and what it holds. I also checked out some more Fairstein and a Jo Nesbø (does anyone know what that slash does to the pronunciation?). I am just into mysteries I guess, there being so little in my life.

All is well and all will be well


Joanna said…
I love Mary Kay Andrews, she is so funny! Looking forward to watching the Handmaid on Hulu tonight. It's free trial if you don't have it. Like your eggs. Looking very country, C.

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