Very sore throat, slight fever, coughing, aching. I did get a flu shot, by the way. Some time during the day I decided that I could paint (after deciding earlier that standing at the easel was just too much.)Now I know. Do not try to paint when you are sick. Here is the effort; please do not laugh too hard. 
My neighbor's yard actually has a brick patio-type area that has plants growing between the bricks. Early(ish) one morning I looked and it was bright yellow in the low strong sun. There is in real life a little playhouse on the other side of the fence. I decided that it was just too much for today or maybe for any day. 

We had little snow but we are having rain and more rain. I haven't been out to walk for several days - no wonder I am sick!

All will be well, 


Unknown said…
Don't I feel selfish? I talked with you today--several times--and didn't even ask how you were feeling. I hope you are feeling MUCH better today.

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