storms and edges

There has been talk today of strong storms with high winds but so far we have only had a few minutes of hard rain. Of course the afternoon is not over and there were a few hailstones in that rain so who knows what will happen. I certainly don't and I am not sure that the weather prognosticators for all their computer models don't know either. We have a huge old tree in our backyard and with any hard wind it loses twigs, branches, and sometimes whole limbs. Life is many things but it is rarely boring. 

As to painting  I have done this little one of a street in town which I showed you before. I am not crazy about it and decided to give it another try. The second try really bombed so I decided to scrape it all off and make it an abstract which I will call "at the edge of town." I am really trying to decide where to go with the painting practice but haven't reached any conclusions. I don't want to stop si the only thing I know for sure. 

This one could turn either way. Town has a lot of edges!

On another subject, why is it that on the days I can't get out and walk I try to make up for it by eating? 

And the last but most important subject. Lent begins today. It seems to have come so soon. I have been seeing posts about what Pope Francis suggest giving up for Lent -- anger, selfishness, gluttony, etc. ,all those things that we so easily espouse without even knowing that we do. I think that he has the right idea. 

All is well and all will be well, 


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