This month has been so hard. We are finishing with 4" of rain today which was good for the horrible fires but also brought tornadoes and deaths. I hope that December is a better month.

Painting has been hard with all else that was going on, but I have done a few things.
 I know that this car is wonky, but you should have seen it earlier! I might have to have yet another go at this and maybe go a little larger. This one is 5"x7".I think that what I like about this scene are the lights.  The street lights had not yet come on, but the traffic lights and the brake lights looked very warm.
This is a 30"x30" rendition of a 4"x4" I did earlier. The photo was taken as we were boarding the ferry in Settle on our way to Victoria.  I don't see many sunrises - not my time of day! This was done in acrylic using the palette knife.  I have another that I plan to enlarge; I have several larger canvases left from my acrylic days that aren't really of a quality worth keeping so I plan to reuse them. 

This is another redo - this time of the beach at Tybee Island when we were there last March. I think that I might need to darken the water a little. 

Here is to a great December for all of us. I hope that your Advent Season will be a time to fine peace and to prepare for a wonderful Christmas.

All is well and all will be well,


  1. The car lights look good. I may be wrong but I think the road needs to narrow a bit more for the perspective to be right. I really like the build up of paint so it looks like the water if rolling onto the sand in the Tybee pic! I agree that the water needs some darks. You are being so good about working on your art!

  2. I really like the street scene especially the lights. The Beach one is good but a little spare for my taste. I'm hoping December is better for your side of the country. Keep up the work, C. The improvement is noticeable.


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