Studio Improvements

I finally got my still-life stage up to eye level. In a perfect world it would also be adjustable but my world is not perfect, so this is just fine - at least for the next few hundred paintings!
and here it is set up. Do you like the fancy light stand? Two scrap blocks of wood. 

Here is the easel just to the right of the stage. The dark board is a device to hold the small pieces steady. It adjusts to hold 4"x4" up to 6"x6".Very handy. Dean copied it from one made by David Marine, a painter's husband. 

To the right of the easel are my flat files and I use the top as my palette. That big book is a zip code directory that I bought at a library sale and use to wipe excess paint off my brushes. It works well and there are lots of pages. 

The painting of the day. I might have to paint out the fountain pen in order to get the base of the big cup right. It is pretty sad looking anyway. Now that I look, I realize that when I did the blue on the foreground I painted out the cast shadow. Oh, well, back to the easel with this one!

All is well and all will be well, 


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