Shells! Stems!

I hope that by now I have learned not to include a shell as a little accent in a painting. They are very complicated in structure and surface. Nature is beautiful, but hard to copy in many cases,

The same goes for cute little glasses with twirly stems. Cute on the shelf and the colors of the top are so interesting when they pick up the colors from around the set-up, but unless you are making a large study of the glass, definitely not easy to paint.

I finished this last night and couldn't get the pics to load onto the computer - I think that it was because they were not good! (Actually an update had changed my settings). It turned out for the best as I made a little change this morning which, although it didn't make things suddenly right, improved them a little.

I will be taking two online courses, both taught by women who paint all prima. Neither's work resembles the other's, but I think that I can learn a lot from each of them and do my own work - again, different from either. Exciting days!

I haven't taken time to crop this so you see some of my easel behind it. 

All is well and all will most certainly be well, 


The glass stem catches my eye and then the lovely blue of the glass. Nice!

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