A painting and a bonus

This is just about the end of the zinnias, and I might even give the cup a break. The spoon is one that Dean's mother brought back from Norway for us and it has an slightly unusual shape, made even more so in this painting.  There is a little more of it but I managed to cut it off when I photographed it. My  bad.

And here is the bonus! Part hound, part couch potato, here is Ezra Beauregard Berk!

He likes to lie there so if anyone comes down the street he can bark at them like a big, mean dog and let them know that he is watching their every move. This goes double for squirrels, cats, birds and leaves. 

All is well, and all will be well, 


Unknown said…
Beautiful painting! And Ezra is precious. I'm still chuckling that you used the term "my bad". :)

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