A tiny bit of progress

The bristle brushes are working out, as are the long handles. The brushes I bought were natural bristle, better with oils, at Michaels. I am going to order some synthetic ones because I think that synthetics work better with acrylics and, having tried oils once, but only for a short while, I don't think that I need another thing to learn about right now. 

My guess is that you might see more of these cups (well, I know that you will see at least one more) although I would like to find some old fiesta ware or something similar to work with. I think a trip to the antique/junk store or to GoodWill is in order.

Actually, I painted another one but I will post it tomorrow. Something to look forward to (haha). 

All is well and all will be well and all will most certainly be well,


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