If anyone actually reads this, I thank you for your attention!

I have been painting for a while now and have learned a lot from my teacher, Sandra Paynter Washburn. Sandy is a very good artist and teacher who is generous with her talent, time and appreciation. You couldn't ask for anyone who to be more willing to give you help and encouragement  or to set a better example of professionalism. That said, I have decided to take a different tack for at least a while. There is another style of painting that I want to try and I am working on learning from internet and print sources until I can find a short class to take. Sandy probably knows how to paint this style but it is not hers and I will not ask her to take time away from what she does so well and from the others in the class to help me. 

I will be making many small paintings as I learn this style and try to find my way and I intend to post them here every day or so. The posts will be very short - the painting and a few words. I will need some support and encouragement, so if you check this blog and have a comment to make, I hope that you will. 

If you follow the blog by e-mail, you will get it as it comes out.  If you click on the title of the individual post after you open it in your e-mail program it will change to the web version of the post where your comments can be made.

So here is the last of the big paintings - leaning against our newly painted living room wall.   48"x36"

and here is the very first of the new ones (the second is a little better!)This one is 3"x3".

I am excited about this new way of working and I hope that as I learn, you might find it interesting


The paintings will be for sale. The large one $450 plus shipping and the small one $25.00 shipped.

All will be well, 


Anonymous said…
Caroline, this is wonderful news. Small painting can be interesting and quite gorgeous, IMO. One technique you might enjoy is to take a photo of an interesting subject. Then try to paint a small square of the photo, enlarging that portion only. Ignore the rest of the photo. This is fun and produces beautiful work. Enjoy your new journey. Karen Saieed
Talk about going from one extreme to the other!! haha. Have fun; the posted flower is very nice. Who are you following on the Internet?
Anonymous said…
I enjoy reading your blog. I hope you find much joy and fulfillment in your new painting journey. If the new little one is your first one, then, wow, you are going to be successful.
Anonymous said…
Really love the apple/guava so much. I like the distance from the viewer to the subject, the colors , expecially the clear shades produced instead of a muddled look. I think your work is really suited for this sifferent scale and techniques. Karen Mullins Saieed

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