Busy Day

It turns out that a day with two appointments (doctor and haircut) and a "social engagement" (dessert at a sibling's house) and a new library book is not a good day for painting or posting. So somedays the daily painting is not quite daily but we really aren't keeping score, are we?

About this painting: My granddaughter actually has a face; the sand wasn't that blue,
the river wasn't that dark, she has on a bathing suit under the shirt. This is the first time I have painted a person like this. We were at the beach at her other grandmother's house at the mouth of the Savannah River just as it empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

I had my usual trouble getting colors mixed after leaning so long on ready made colors. Still, I like this and I will do some more. I am having a steeper learning curve than I thought it would be - changing my stroke,  mixing all the colors, taking my subjects from life or photos instead of inside my head. It is a real challenge and I can say that I like it.

All is well and all will be well,



Unknown said…
I love it!!!- I knew instantly who it was (of course she IS my niece!) But somehow, I think you captured her perfectly. I know you are working on the colors, but I think you did a GREAT job- signing as Unknown, but you know who I am!
amy sweat said…
this painting.. to me.. looks like a photograph")
i think the blue tones are warm and captivating..i love it too
Caroline said…
Thanks, Amy. Jenny liked it too and it is now on her shelf. I am planning one of both her children. We'll see how that works out.

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