Life with Bobo

Bella was a puppy 12 years ago. I had forgotten some things about puppies when the lady in Home Depot saw the word "sucker" on my forehead.

Yesterday when Bo woke up I jumped up and said "let's go out" in as chipper a voice as I could manage. "Just a minute", he said, and went into the bathroom to pee on the bathmat which someone had left on the floor. Then he went out and peed and pooped.

Or he goes outside and then remembers on re-entering that he didn't quite finish and leaves a puddle on the floor.

How can a little dog produce so much waste product?
All that playing and jumping just wears a boy out! If I am carrying something made of fabric I have to carry it at waist level. Bobo will jump to get any string, cloth, rug, your clothes, your towel - whatever you are carrying. It makes getting dressed, loading the washer, unloading the washer, loading the dryer, emptying the dryer, etc, etc, and so forth a more interesting time consuming task. Efficiency eshmenciency he says.

On the other hand, if I let him on the bed he will help me play Words With Friends. So far we are doing well. 

He was a handful, now he is an armful. We wonder, wonder how big he will get. Also, who wrote the book of love. 

After many puddles and feeling the need to bathe without worrying about the house being destroyed, we got a crate. He is not unhappy to go there for a while and only whines for a minute or two when we put him in for the night. Someone usually gets up on the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and takes him out. I take him out before I go to bed.  

This very nice oriental Asian-style rug was by the back  door but I have deduced that the lady who had him first, who said that he had never been outside, meant just what she said because Bobo thinks that rugs were made to pee on and even after I had rolled this one but left it on the floor ready to cart upstairs, he recognized "rug" and used it. Sigh. 

See him looking carefully at the dining room rug? Do you have any doubts about what he has in mind?

That door leads into the living room and another carpet. The stairs lead well, upstairs.When I  find a moment the suitcase (unpacked from our vacation days ago) and the out-of-season clothes will go upstairs but  I  must find a moment when my helper is tired and I am not! .

I did manage to get to the studio yesterday to work on the scene of the Italian countryside which the big canvas has become. I also moved some things around to make a better work station. I hope that DH  can do a little puppy sitting today so that I can get a little more work done. 

Even though I am a southerner and for years saw the confederate flag as the symbol of the south as homeland and as a something that wasn't "yankee", to me it was not serious, just kind of what drew us together when the rest of the country thought we were stupid, etc.  It wasn't until I was grown and took another look that I realized that the flag was hurtful to people. I didn't see it flown in public until sometime in the 70s. I have long thought that it needed to be packed away in the attic with other symbols of the past,; I was glad and thankful to see that it has come down in SC and AL. 
The reaction of the Mother Emmanuel Church was amazing and beautiful. What Godly people. I can only pray that I can live my faith as they are doing. 

All will be well, 


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