Sara bought some extensions for her hair, newly cut and beautifully grey, and she and Jenny played with them inly to decided that they didn't really look good, so I got to play. With Jenny's help I have a new hairdo. 
I just thought that you might like a giggle. I wore this all day today, swimming, shopping and just hanging around. It is in there to stay for a while! It feels weird sometimes but sometimes I forget about it. Speaking of forgetting, today I got in the pool with my hearing aids in! Fortunately I went down the ladder and splashed in with a big noodle float under me and my head didn't go under. I nearly had a heart attack when I started to scratch my ear and felt the tube that goes from receiver to microphone (from behind the ear to in the ear). Buying new aids is not in the budget!

All will be well, 


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