A little tidbit

One of the interesting things about Sanibel 
is that the sea turtles come ashore here to lay eggs during May and June. Here are the track one left a few nights ago. Every day volunteers go down the beach early in the morning and mark the nests so that you can know where not to walk. Since light can throw the turtles direction finder to get back to the water off, we must close our blinds each night when we turn on our lights because our windows are really sliding class doors and there is nothing but dunes and beach between us and the gulf. We are on the left( as you see it) bottom of the building on the right. The tall grass you see are the sea oats where the new dune is building. Some way behind Sara as she took this photo is the water - how far behind her is based on whether it was high tide or low. 

Tomorrow we have to go to the mainland to the VA clinic because Dean's blood sugar is going wild even though he is eating well. He will have to inject insulin for a little while, I think, but I hope that we can get back to controlling things with pills and diet. 

All will be well, 


Unknown said…
Good grief. I didn't read this until Thurs morning so I didn't know about Dean. Since you didn't say anything when we talked yesterday, I am assuming Dean's blood sugar is being managed ok. Hope so !

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