At last

I have been working - at least on and off. I am not taking a class this session so I am working on some things I wanted to learn and try. AND, I finished the big canvas but you won't guess how. After trying this and painting that and changing this and adding that and, and, and . . .  Today I decided that I didn't like it, I would never like it and that to do more work on it would just be a further waste of time so I gessoed it. I sanded and scraped and then painted thick, opaque white gesso over it and thenI painted it again.

The scraped, etc. canvas after the gesso was applied. (I poked a tiny hole in it during all the scraping, but I fixed it)

A preliminary sketch of a view out the bus window during our trip to Italy. It is on cheap drawing paper and it just slurped up the the acrylic; I could hardly spread it. 

The big canvas as it looks now. I am not saying that it will never change, but for now I am going to put it aside. 
This is a abstract expressionist piece that is also on cheap drawing paper but this time I was ready with juicier paint. I used a big brush on it, too. 

I am going to be pursuing a different style. It will be more expressive and looser as well as making me feel what I want to feel when I paint.  I approached the style with the new painting on the BC. It was all painted with a 1.5 inch brush except for a few details at the end. Stay tuned to see how that goes. If you want an example of someone who paints in the style I am thinking about, check out Patti

All will be well, 


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