Soup's on.

I would tell you how cold it is here but I know that it is cold there, too, and you don't really have any sympathy - you are too busy trying to keep warm yourself.  I went out today to the studio to take something and get some canvases. The sun was so nice, but the studio wasn't a place to linger. DH has ordered and we have received a heater for the studio but it isn't installed yet and may have to wait until the guys are here for Thanksgiving since DH can't really lift over his head and the heater is a ceiling mount. We will put plastic over the leaky windows and I will be cozy as can be. Until then, I have dragged the paints and some canvases into the house and I will work in the pantry. 
Last week, when making tomato basil soup,
I had a little incident with the Ninja (blender)
I also found tomato on the exhaust fan over the stove which required taking it apart, the floor, myself, and there is a small spot on the ceiling that looks suspiciously red. The next day I found some on the wall opposite where the picture is. Sara predicts that we will find more when we start preparing Thanksgiving dinner! I am making some more soup but I think that I have learned an important lesson about blenders and hot stuff. 

DH and I worked this cute puzzle of 500 pieces over a few days. All the books in each shelf have names according to the other objects in the shelves and all are wordplays on well-known novels. I really chose it for the colors, though. The colors make me so happy. 
I did a little work on this old painting but think that I might have some more to do. The white in the center is glare that I couldn't get rid of but I think that the blue to the lower right of it might need to be changed. I am going to my art group tomorrow and they will critique, ever so gently, for me. 

As you know, I am not a fan of cold weather but these days I am so thankful for shelter and heat. I am afraid that there will be many who suffer miserably this winter. I will do what I can to help and I am sure that you will also. 

All is well and all will be will, 


Unknown said…
I'm waiting for some yummy soup!! I think I want to make some mushroom soup like we had today!

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