CBerk: artist and furniture mover

After moving all the furniture I decided that I missed the table in the kitchen so I moved it all again - by myself this time except for some help from DH with the big table.  I THINK that I might leave it this way for a while. DH and I decided to give up the cable TV ; that gave us more room in the living room. We have a small antenna that we can place in the window upstairs and there is a nice but small TV up there (in fact the larger one is there ,too) so I think that we will be able to go up there and watch anything important. Tornado warnings, Downton Abbey, you know what important stuff is.
Here is the end where the TV used to be. There is seating for six and there are lamps for reading and a coffee table.
At the other end is my work table where I draw and a chair where I read. It is more or less my office when I am not in my studio. 

This table has been replaced in the kitchen. I moved the rug in there for Jackson who is having more surgery for his knee. The stitches from the first time didn't hold and he is limping even more than before. Getting up on the slick floor is very difficult for him. There is a little bag under the table with my art stuff ready to go to class Wednesday. 
DH brought these flowers home when he last went to the grocery store. They have been sprayed with purple dye before they were open it appears. Some leaves are green and some are purple. I put them in old silver tea and coffee pots and I think that they look very nice. The table is a sofa table at the sitting room end . 

And, we can now use the front door again. There is enough of the porch to get to the steps. Sara came tonight and she and DH are going to get all the stuff that is on the steps and in the front yard up on the porch and organized then they will start working on the fence that was supposed to be finished before Sara's wedding. Yea!

When you just don't know what to do, sharpen your pencils then draw the pencil sharpener (in ballpoint pen) and then draw the pencil (in pencil and ballpoint). 

I also drew this collection of soap bars (sorry that it is sideways) Collections are interesting things to well, collect and draw. I am working on a key collection and thinking about others. 

I am having so much fun drawing. Give it a try. Look closely at what you want to draw and make those lines - just what you see. Don't worry if it isn't star quality the first time or the tenth or whatever. If you keep at it you will improve and as a bonus you will train yourself to look more closely at the world around you and that is a good thing. 

All is well, 


Vicki said…
Day 2 of 75 for me.

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