A busy week

It has been a busy week. Sara is here helping DH with the fence.  There have been a few problems so not as much has been done as they hoped would be by now, but they continue to work and hope to get it all done.

I have been drawing as well as working in the house and taking another painting class. I try to get one thing or group of things put away/taken care of/hauled off every week. Today I made a trip to GoodWill with several bags of things and also trimmed some more bushes and some small dead limbs out of the dogwood. If I do a little every day or week, it will get done.

A little drawing for Liz Steel's online class at Sketchbook Skool. 

A sketch of the bell tower of our church. I had never realized how detailed it is until I started to draw it. Obviously I did not use a ruler. The line in the upper right sky is a detail of the bricks. I think I will be drawing this or parts of it for a while. 
Following a suggestion to use pictures of yourself to draw facial features I took some photos on Photo Booth and drew myself. You should try this!

Last of all, this is a necklace I bought from Sara's online jewelry shop. They will be having a sale August 15 through 25. They (Sara and her mother-in-law, Mary ) have estate pieces, precious stones, watches, and others, in all price ranges. The things I have bought have been very inexpensive but lots of fun to wear and I have gotten compliments on all of them. Please check them out hereGandB Jewels.com


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