This has been a week. My seven-year-old granddaughter has been here for "Chief Camp" and we have been busy. Not that I did so many wonderful things with her - we have just been busy. And Dean has made several trips to Nashville, the latest two(2) today so I had to take Jackson, who can't get the the car without help, to be x-rayed. The x-ray trip was complicated by the fact that J had to be sedated and although I got him out of the car he collapsed in a heap and I couldn't move him any farther. I had to call my brother to help me get him in the house. Living near your sibs is a good thing.

Jackson had surgery on his knee this evening; the traveling vet came by the house to pick him up because I knew that I couldn't get him back in the car. Jackson will be there until he is feeling better and getting around okay. (Here's something funny - the vet had looked at this house and considered buying it about 10 years ago.)

Jenny was coming tonight to take Sarie back home tomorrow but her car is in the shop and the repairs aren't finished yet so unless things change I will get my hair cut in the morning then hit the road to take the girl child home then hurry back to go to a deb party tomorrow evening. My nephew's long time girlfriend is one of this year's debutantes.

I promise pictures a in the next post but tonight I am just too tired. Well, I do have one. When this little bird had held his heavy head up as long as he could he dropped it down and rested it on the edge of the nest. It was just so cute. They NEVER closed their mouths.
My little fledglings are about ready to leave the nest. I will miss them. Thy have feathers now, and they flap their wings and the parents have to take stuff out of the nest to make room for them. Having them just outside the window has been such a treat. 

All is well, 


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