Sitting on the Porch

I am sitting on the porch of our timeshare condo at the beach. Above, in the bright blue sky, are puffy white clouds. By this afternoon the clouds will probably be grey and might or might not bring some rain. We don't get as much rain as you would expect when you see the clouds but when it rains, it is not by halves. It RAINS.

I have taken some pictures but they don't seem to want to transfer from my Camera Roll to my Photo Stream and thence to the computer and I don't know how to speed up the process. I think that when I get back home I might sign up for some computer/iPhone/iPad help because I know that I am not getting all I can out of my devices. For a yearly fee one can get personal classes in whatever one wants to know more about. That sounds like a good deal to me.

 A little back story. We have two units for each week we are here. DH and I always stay in the one we bought first; lower level, beachfront. It is where everyone come in from the pool and the beach and dumps their stuff. It is also where we eat all our meals.
Another back story. When my grandson, Drew, was little he liked to play that we were animals and at one time he was interested in rabbits and we lived in "burrows".

One day Drew walked into our unit at the end of a busy day, looked around and said, "our burrow is neater than your burrow". Because he was a small child and I love him dearly he survived. This year, however, our kids are doing the cooking (Jenny) and the cleaning(Alex). They are not leaving all their stuff here. It is lovely.
Alex and Drew with the vacuum!!
Our bedroom. I have made the bed each day but then go lie on it to take a nap. I put a sheet over it first. 

The view from the porch. That is the gulf in the distance. Lots of small shells, some large ones, and no rocks. This was taken through the screen which caused that pattern in the sky. 

My temporary studio is at the end of the porch. I brought colored pencils and water colors but really wish that I could work on some of my paintings that are at home. I have ideas I want to try. Don't we want whatever we don't have?  I have drawn some peppers and will do some more drawing, but I also plan to read as much as possible while I am here. 

All is well


Unknown said…
I'm pretty sure these pics were staged in someone else's condo and that's all I'm saying!
Caroline said…
haha. i can hardly believe it myself!

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