A Hair Off Plumb

As you probably know, I find life almost unbearably beautiful. Everywhere there are beautiful gifts from nature, beautiful faces, great books, absorbing study,loving people and so much else that a gracious God has given us in this world. With that attitude, and it really is mine, why do I paint things like this? I always thought that I would paint beautiful things to share the beauty I see all around me. This is not beautiful. It is colorful. It is maybe a little disturbing. Either I am deeply affected on a level I am not conscious of what I read or I have some deeply hidden anger and pain. Deeply hidden - I am not conscious of that either. Or, as DH says, I am a hair off plumb. 
If you have a better answer I would love to hear it, because I really don't know. The piece above, nearly finished, is what came of a start to make the first layers of a piece we are working on in painting class. It took an abrupt turn and became what it is. The new first several layers are shown below. Color will be added and I am not sure exactly what else. 

This piece is about writing and painting. I have done some writing practice and lettered some sayings I made up. I am thinking that the colors will be red-orange, red and red-violet or red, red-violet and violet. They will look different over the white or the black and they will have white mixed in them. This is the only time you will see this part and when you see it again you might not even recognize it. 

Today I read Mary Ann Moss's blog and she told about Waterlogue,an app that was new to me. I had to try it so I downloaded it then took this picture of Bella at the end of the bed.
When I opened it in Waterlogue it was turned into this. I love it. I wish my watercolors would be that good. Practice, practice, practice. 

I cropped this pic and then the original got in here. I cropped out the ladder and the stuff on the bench so you would think that the back yard looks nice. It will, but right now we are sorting things that came down here from NC and there are boxes and other stuff all around. I took the photo, though, because I looked out the studio window and saw Forsythia and Quince blooming in the sun and it was just joyous.

I have been moving furniture in the living room and the studio and packing up things to go to the Restore or other good places. I gave my desk to a daughter and and am passing on all my quilt fabric except what I will be using on the two quilts currently planned. It is a good feeling to have that going out of the house/studio. I also have sold my piano. This house is smaller than our previous house and all my furniture just made it feel very cramped in here. 

DH filled the four pots that have sat in the front yard since just before winter and planted little shrubs in two of them. The shrubs sat in their nursery pots inside the large pots all winter. Next week, after this next little cold spell I will go to the nursery and buy plants for the last two. Do you think that I should go with succulents? They are very popular now and should be easy to find and they are so interesting. 

All is well, 


Unknown said…
Your new painting reminds me of a stained glass window and the arch is much like a cathedral. The edges are dark because we are on the outside looking in to the light. So i really do not see anything dark or depressing about your painting.

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