Have I No Shame?

I am not sure that I should share this, but I am going to anyway. Please be kind. Last week we had a night when the temp was supposed to drop to 7 degrees F. That is cold in anyone's book and (in case I haven't told you) I am not a fan of cold weather. Here is how I was dressed during that day. Blue knit yoga pants, white ¾ sleeve knit shirt, Dean's old flannel shirt, striped long socks - the temp was not supposed to (and didn't) get above freezing all day.
When it came time to go to bed, I made a disturbing discovery. My only winter gown was in the dirty clothes and I hadn't washed that load! Yikes! 

Here is what I had to wear. It has lovely little checked ribbon trim and the cutest little flower-shaped buttons. There are little pleats above the short hem. It has no sleeves. It is very lovely and thin cotton. It is perfect for a hot summer night. That night was neither hot, nor summer. 

I thought that I would add this old T-shirt to make it a little warmer. You can see that it is nearly as long as the gown - both above my knees. That didn't seem too good either. 

But wait! Here is something that would work and I already had it on. Yes, dear friends, I slept in my clothes!  I might just start considering this outfit as pajamas. Early the next morning I marched to the laundry area and washed a load which included this - 

This is my winter gown. It has sleeves. It comes below my knees. It is flannel. It has a coordinating robe, all made for me by my older daughter, bless her heart. It is cold again tonight (did I mention that I am not a fan of cold?) and you can bet that this gown is clean and ready to go. 

Are you staying warm? 

All is well


Unknown said…
of course I am staying warm. My warmest gown was also dirty BUT I have a dog who gets on the bed before I do and warms my spot and then she sleeps as close to me as she can possibly get. Talk about no shame...I sleep with a dog!

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