Green cake and a surprise

I know that you have been waiting and here it is! The "Sucker Truck." On the other side is a powerful vacuum and two guys with rakes. As you can see, they do a good job. We rake or blow the leaves to the street and then they come by for them.  Maybe one day I will be able to photograph the "Claw Truck"! 

December 18 is my grandson's birthday and this year he wanted a green red velvet cake. My recipe is a little different from most, having three tablespoons of cocoa and two bottles of food coloring. I wasn't at all sure what color the cake would be. As you can see, it is green - just what he wanted. 
 Here are the layers just out of the oven, boxed in on top of the counter. It turns out that the counters are the height of Jackson's head. Need I say more? The cake was iced with a cooked frosting that has the consistency of whipped cream but is composed of butter, shortening, flour, sugar, vanilla and milk. The flour and milk are cooked and I forgot them on the stove, catching them just as they began to scorch (whew!)[ If you ever wondered, out bodies don't change food coloring as the cake is digested. Just saying]  

The kitchen now lacks only one drawer front, some of the hardware, and the shelves Dear Husband is making for canned and boxed items. I am already enjoying it even more than I thought I would. I still have some things to get put away but nothing that keeps us from getting things done. I doubt that all will be done by the new year, but it will be done . I will miss my little blue pulls, but not enough to keep them. 

All is well, 


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