Oh, Wow!

I not only have a drain, I have running water - hot and cold. I have a dishwasher that washes dishes. I have an oven that heats. A new cooktop is being delivered and installed tomorrow. The disposal people are sending a new garbage grinder that works (the old one is frozen). Most of the outlets and switches are "live". Some things are already moved back in the kitchen. Life is good.

Still waiting for : some drawers, some shelves, some doors, some energy to get it all done, the day when there are no more extension cords snaking around my floor, a finish to this disorder and mess.

I have decided how to rearrange the living room (again) and the dining room. I am looking at what I really need and what I can give/throw away. You work on one room and suddenly everything needs a little loving attention. I feel like I should be spring cleaning, but it is November!

The leaves are falling fast - especially since we have had some rain. Here is the view as I walk out to the street from the back of the house.

And a close-up. What a bright, clear yellow that center leaf is. Cleveland has many Maple trees and I am struck by their beautiful colors every time I go out. 

Some of the trees in the neighborhood have that lovely orange-red color. I want to plant one in our yard. 

 Meanwhile it is back to work. Jenny, Alex and the children are coming Tuesday night on their way to Boone and the Cleveland crowd is coming here for dinner Thursday. I will try for pictures of all the goings on. 

All is well, 


Unknown said…
It's okay to have fall cleaning. I think Spring Cleaning was probably after coal furnaces or wood fireplaces were used to heat house leaving soot--but what do I know?

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