Leaping girl and Junk pile

We are providing our neighbors, bless their hearts, with a lovely view. This is the pile of ductwork and related stuff from the old A/C. At least it is a neat pile. More or less. 
 At the far edge of the yard, where no one can see, is a hosta that did not get stepped on just blooming its heart out to add a little beauty and civilization into the pigpen the back yard (garden?) has become. 
 Now this is a poke weed, but even it is trying to add a little beauty. 
 Meanwhile, this pile of supplies, not trash, just about has me blocked out of the studio. 
 I thought that you might appreciate this cool lock. It appears to be locked , and
 there is even a place for a key, which we don't have. 
 but if you twist it
 and pull back on it, it opens, giving access to the dark spiderwebby stairway. I will be so glad when we can work on this project

 Here is how my pour ended the day. What do you think? A few places have to be worked on yet to bring it all together but I doubt that I will do much on the girl - making her realistic is just not what I am good at. The whole thing is ready for a good look, some thinking and more work. 
All is well and all is well


Chrissy said…
Love the leaping girl. I hope you keep her.

Poke weed: I have read about it in novels but never seen it before. It goes with things like jimpson weed, strange American plants.

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