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The first art class of the new series was Wednesday and it was, as usual, good and also challenging. I came home and tried to work on new things but finally finished up a few older ones and did just a bit on a new one, poured in class. You will see it at the end of this post.
I began this during our "down time" and this isn't what I thought it would be.  Sandy noticed that I often looked at things as if from the air. I suppose that is from flying and looking out the window and being married to a pilot. (sorry about the little glare on this). People see different things in this. What do you see? (There are no wrong answers - you don't even have to like it; that is okay with me)

 I have even signed it as you see here on this detail. I forget to sign my work most of the time. 

 This piece has been cut down, something painted on its back and then the front returned to. According to some it still has the flyover look. I like the colors, and just generally like it. It began as a very pale and neutral piece but I have trouble with pale and neutral. I like them but can't seem to use them well. So I added a little darker grey and a little red-orange and a little green and then a little brighter green and by this time it has changed quite a bit from its beginning. 
 Here is a little detail. It has lots of stamped paint, lots of brushed paint, and, actually, lots of thought and feeling. You will have to decide just what it is or what it makes you think of; I usually just work on shapes and colors although in the process I do begin to identify what it might be. Some things are just designs, of course. 
 I showed you this a few posts ago but I have done a little more to it. If you look closely you can see a suggestion of a cog wheel here and a saw blade below. 

Here it is before the latest changes. Is this Charon's waiting room by the river Styx? Earth and Fire? Some machinery in the Mount Doom? What do you think? 

 A drawing from last night. I copied an ad in a magazine. That is so much easier since the camera flattens things and your subject stays still. I have lots of sketches of Dean asleep because that is the only time he is still and even then I can't take too much time. This girl never even blinked!
This is the pour from class yesterday. I have no idea how this is going to turn out, absolutely NONE. There is always the wrong side to go to if necessary, but I really want to give this every chance I can to turn into something that I and others like. Stay tuned. 

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All is well, 


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