The things we do

The things we do, whether for love or not. The sink in the downstairs bathroom has been draining ever more slowly and, as you know, we have no kitchen sink right now. Yesterday it took nearly an hour for the water from washing my hands to drain and I told Dean that something had to be done NOW. "Okay, " said Dean," I will cut a hole in the closet in our room and check the pipes".
"Wait", said I, "Didn't you tell me that there is a clean out in the basement?Why not check that first."

So putting aside his hats as airline pilot, attorney,  contractor and chef, Dean put on his plumbing hat and tackled the clean-out. I forgot my roles as artist, sewist, and became assist-ant to the plumber.

Scene I, the basement. Ugh. Dean checks the clean-out and finds no clog there.

Scene II, the bathroom. The snake is not budging any clogs.
    C: What about a coat hanger?
    D: That won't be strong enough.
    C: Just a minute.   (I get a coat hanger and straighten it. It goes to the blockage and begins the clearing process. Dean thanks me for my ideas).

We finally got it clear enough to use the snake and now it is clear. The bathroom is wrecked. N.B. When you hire a plumber they have to clean up the mess. This is a job so big that I didn't even think of tackling it this evening. It is far too hot and sticky today. I hope that the house will cool down during the night and be cooler in the morning when the big clean-up begins.

On another note. When all colors of soap, etc, are mixed together and a little rust is added into the mix, the resulting color is brown. Yucky. It doesn't smell too good either when water has been sitting in a pipe for who knows how long. As far as I am concerned plumbers earn every cent they charge.

I thought about taking a picture. I am sure that you thank me for not sharing that. You are welcome.

I did get some work done in the studio - some reverse sewing and some sewing, and I worked on two paintings.

I added a little blue to this but I am not sure if it is getting better or worse. I added the color after this shot was taken. I should learn to photograph everything just before I leave the studio so you can see it as it is and not as it was!

 A detail. There are several feathers on the piece and lots of swirls. The swirls are a little problematical. One girl in the class called them penises, which didn't help my mental process at all. This may go under the sander. 
A beginning for a multi-layered multi-media piece.which looks better in person and might turn out to be a good piece. I am using stamps I made and some old music so far. I have some other pages, paints and stamps that can be layered on. It will be either really good or just plain horrible. Either way, it is a good thing to work on and learn on. 

So please go to the bottom of the post, click on the word comments, write your comment in the box, click on the circle by Name or Google or Anonymous and then click on publish. I will get back to you. I would love to hear your critique of the paintings if not of the plumbing. 

All is well


Lorraine said…
As I've said before, you are a better wife than I am. You have put up with a whole lot during this renovation. We can't wait to see the house when it is completed. How is you nose?
Unknown said…
Ok, It actually sounds as if you put on your plumber's hat rather than Dean. I generally use Liquid Plumber rather than tackle the pipes with a wrench! I know you said not to comment about your pipes but the art but I do not always follow directions very well!
Chrissy said…
So funny! A typical little scene between man and wife. Who doesn't know the score on this one? You did well there. Vicki sounds as if she knows a thing or two.

Had to laugh about the comment on your painting. I think the feathers are rather beautiful. And those peachy colours.

How DO you manage all you do? One minute battling with smelly pipes, next minute off to your studio to get creative.
Anonymous said…
Testing Diann

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