Choices and memories

I have made choices for the kitchen.  The floor will be a marmoleum called Bleeker Street. The cabinets will be painted a warm grey called Sharkey Grey or Whetstone, (some might differ from others) the countertops will be Warm Soapstone Corian, the island will be Sea Salt Corian and the wall will be Pink Sea Salt. All the colors are warm and comfy and that is how I want my kitchen to feel. The appliances are stainless and the apron sink will be white.
Here is a little video of the kitchen in all its bareness. Sara said that it was hard to tell what was what just looking at the photographs. Maybe this will be better. 
i never got this to work.  sorry..  i can't get rid of it either!!

 On a completely different subject, I found this little mouse family that I made and gave to my mother many years ago. There was a baby mouse in a little white dress but somehow she has been lost. I will have to make another since there are three of us. I am oldest, my brother follows and Vicki is baby sister. Aren't these little guys cute?
Lastly, here is another picture of the lovely Lucy
I just don't understand how anyone could have abandoned her. She is certainly loved by Sara and Greg ( and Dean. And me. )
All is well


Chrissy said…
This is a lovely post.

How clever of you to make those charming little mice. Your mother must have loved them. Now where could that baby have got to?

Dear Lucy - and lucky Lucy too!

And how about that gorgeous kitchen you've planned. Your patience will be well and truly rewarded when it's done. Can't wait to see the results.

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