Sometimes I get so involved with things going on around here that I just think about blogging instead of sitting down and actually doing it. So here is a little catch-up.

The kitchen was mocked up out of cardboard so that the placement of lights and switches could be refined. Here is the island where the cooktop will be and the wall oven and cabinet in the baking center at the far wall. A wing wall will hide the laundry area. 
 This will be the sink under the windows and the refrigerator. Beyond that is the pantry. I will be glad when there are not ladders and stacks of boards, etc. all over the place. 
Just now the work is on jacking up the floors to level them after 90 years of settling, and building the entrances into the kitchen from the dining room and hall. This last requires that the hall be blocked temporarily so the only path from bedroom to kitchen winds through the hall,living room and dining room. Not really a hardship, but I will be glad when it is no longer necessary. 

Below is my newly established desk area in the studio. It has a rather narrow knee hole and my knees are not narrow, but I don't sit there much. 
 The drawing/painting area gets natural light. 
 My pink storage is full and partially labeled. Yes, I need a trash can that large. (drawing table is to the right)
 Green companions. Filled and partially labeled. It doesn't take long to fill, I found. The boards on the far wall in this picture (actually at the top of the stair) have been carried down. I find the improvement grand. 
 The sewing area where I have been working on the newest quilt. Ironing table is to the right across the path from the flat files;
the pink box just out of sight to right on far wall. 
 Some drawings. Strange but they seemed better when I did them. Do you think the fact that it was late at night and I was very tired might have distorted my perception? 

 Yesterday was not as hot as the last few days have been and today might not be either. Something for which to be thankful.

I would also be thankful to hear from you whether by comment or e-mail. Hearing from you is always a pleasure. 

All is well, it really is, and all will be well, it really will. 


Chrissy said…
It's really hot and stormy here too - 95 degrees so I'm not blogging as often as I'd like (my room's in the roof).

Following your progress in the house, I am also longing with you for all to be finished and perfect. You must at the very least open some champers to celebrate!
Unknown said…
There is Chrissy and that British slang again! I love it. Yes, your studio is much more settled now that you have removed some things and moved some other things. Good luck with the sliver of a knee hold at your new desk!

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