We are back from Italy and at the beach where we have the world's slowest internet connection. Trying to download pictures is an exercise in futility. On the other hand, we are here with our daughters and their families and having a good time, so I really can't complain. For some great pictures from Italy, check out Vicki's blog, Notes from the Bijou. (Click on it on the sidebar) She took some really interesting pictures while I forgot my camera two days. While you are at it, Chrissy has some lovely photos of England that you might enjoy.

Work continues on the house while we are gone. I have no idea what we will go home to but I think it will be a mess. I look forward to having things finally complete and putting all our stuff back in place. What I would like to try is to have less to replace, so when I get home I am going to try to do some real "editing" of the stuff we have accumulated over the years and only keep those things that are useful or that we love. I will encourage Dean to do the same, but that might be an uphill battle.

Sorry about the lack of pictures, but July will be full of them, I promise.

All is well,


Unknown said…
Sorry the Internet is so slow at Sanibel but I'm glad there is a connection there. Drove by Tantivy with Buddy today and the roof looks lovely. Enjoy the beach!

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