Here is our "Routine" at the beach. Wake when you do naturally, have coffee, check e-mail, etc. put on swimsuit and go to pool. Tread water until your arms or legs just won't do more, then sit or hang onto a float. Today my water treading was about 20 minutes plus another 10 holding onto a "noodle" and just moving my legs. Talk to friends. Return to house for lunch, reading, nap or shopping. In this part of FL there is usually an afternoon storm about 4 PM or so.

 Today the storm was fierce; wind blew the rain into the screen and wet the whole porch. There is still thunder and lightening even as I write. The sky is light grey all over but when the  storm started the sky was dark with thunder clouds and there were some startlingly loud crashes of thunder that had us jumping and squealing; I had to come in from the porch where I was reading.

Tomorrow I might go to one of my favorite stores to see if they have a little cotton knit dress similar to one I already have. It is so comfortable to wear around the house and nice to slip on when you take off your swimsuit. It is great for the car also( and when you stop in busy restrooms you don't have to worry about it getting on the floor. ) Other than that I have determined that I don't want to buy anything so I will try to stay away from the stores.

There was a used bookstore here that we frequented but last year it was closed. We will check again but if it is closed I will be stuck with reading books from the office - ones that various people have left here from week to week. It won't be the highest caliber reading you can imagine, but a beach read is appropriate at the beach and that is where we are.

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Unknown said…
Life is tough at Sanibel!

I talked to Drew today re Tantivy. Didn't realize that the dormer is slightly larger but it looks sooooo much better. Really nice.

Took the handles off all the cabinets at Tantivy only to discover the screws in them are a tad too far apart to use at Spring Street. Ugh!

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