Thoughts in a break in the rain.

A break in the rain and I was able to see what had been done to the house. The windows have been trimmed, there are strips to which the siding will be nailed and the deck has been begun. Do you see that lovely copper flashing? Of course it will turn brown and eventually it might turn green but now it is bright and shiny. Our deck will be small - just large enough for a morning coffee or a lunch before the mosquitos get too bad. 

 This little green shrub is in the wrong place and will have to be moved but I love its bright new growth against the old bricks. 
 As I came back to the front of the house I noticed the reflection of the trees in the water on the bottom step of the flight to our porch. There were still drops of rain and the camera and I kept seeing different things. 
Below is what the camera wanted to see. 
 I am fairly happy with this. Artistic, don't you think?

I was the lector at the early service this morning. The second lesson was from Revelation about the new Jerusalem. It says that in the new city there will be no darkness but it doesn't mention rain. Think how dark darkness must have been then. Of course it was written by someone who probably saw very little rain so even the inspiration of the Holy Spirit probably didn't bring rain to his mind. Rain to him would be a blessing (as it usually is to us, but I think  sunshine would be a blessing right now.)   

Still, all is well. Dean is managing well. I am well. It's all good.


Unknown said…
Oh, my....The room is really starting to take shape! That's great. Didn't know you would have fancy copper flashing:-)
Caroline said…
Actually, flashing is often copper because it is so malleable and long wearing. I love its brightness when it is new and the verdigris it develops, but for most of the time it will just be brown - something like a penny that has been in use for a while.

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