First of all let me tell you that Dean's doctor's have said that nothing is so wrong that a change is lifestyle can't make it much better. Better eating habits, more exercise and stopping a few meds should make all the difference. He has a leaky valve in his heart but it isn't that leaky and the doctor think that it won't get worse for many years. He will have a stress test in July, after he has lost some weight, but his blood pressure is already much better and except for the toe that he dropped a heavy drill on, he feel pretty good. 
Now on to the not so important but still good stuff. THE WINDOWS.

Today, if you walk out onto what used to be the back porch, you can look out the windows!What a difference a little light makes. AND, I had a little talk with Dean and after he finishes the plumbing for the gas dryer, Drew and his crew will be doing all the remainder of the work. Dean will still have plenty to do, but a crew of four will be able to finish the project much faster than one man, no matter how talented and skilled he is. AND, he can work on the fence! 
Aren't they wonderful?
Even looking past the dump trailer they are good. I just keep walking out there and imagining how great things will be when the project is finished. The door is ordered and once it is in, the interior walls are coming down. Not all of them, of course, but two; the kitchen will be much larger that it is now. The kitchen, pantry, laundry, office, that is. 
I have a view again and there is  more light in the house.One of these days I will view a completed fence instead of the parking area behind us. 

 On the way to the backyard I walked by this Bridal Veil. Pretty little things but their smell is not a match for their daintiness, unfortunately. 
The pink dogwood, however, is a beauty, even with the leaves coming out. 

Below are five paintings that I would like to sell if I can find a way to do it. Actually, I rather like them and might decide just to keep them in my house. The four colors could form a grouping over my desk. They are each 12 inches square. 

 The one below was done a little earlier and is larger - 20"x20". You have seen it before if you read this blog regularly (or irregularly, for that matter). 

Life is good. Three of the houses we bought are rented. Spring is here. Although there is currently no electricity to my studio, I am moving back in there because it is warm enough to work there during the day and the electricity is coming soon. 
All is well



Chrissy said…
You must be so happy with the reports on Dean's health. Now you know how to proceed. I think a loving supportive person like you will keep him on the right road. Sometimes, doing the right thing all alone is almost impossible.

Your house is going to be gorgeous. This is how I think of American houses. They have to have clapboard and a verandah for swinging on.

I think a block of your paintings (perhaps just the 4 abstracts) would be lovely where you could see them from your desk.

Life is looking up!
Unknown said…
It is so exciting that the windows are in!! Now for a door and you will actually have a room!!!

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