What a class!

Vicki and I spent Wednesday and Thursday at a Paper Boot Camp taught by Anne Bagby. Anne is a wonderful artist whose work may be found in many places, including her website. Our first assignment was to produce, on paper we brought or got from Anne's stock, ten pages, each painted and then stamped with at least three stamps. That might sound easy, but it kept us all busy for several hours. Other assignments followed, but I haven't been able to photograph them yet. Here is a sample.
 This was done in class
I added this after I got home. 
Vicki called this the gingerbread man. 

 This brown paper was supposed to be a divider paper between two pieces of SafetyCut, but I decided to use it. 
 I couldn't get rid of the glare but you can see what it is like. This will be a background for a piece. 
 This one is done on scrapbook paper that had just a little pattern. 

Don't you like these colors?

The washing machine is about to be moved to the new (unfinished) area so that we can wear clean clothes again. The dryer is a few days behind, but at least it only requires one trip downstairs to load and start it and another to unload clothes and carry them upstairs!  I had forgotten to translate Dean's two-day estimate into Berk time (change to the next larger increment -in this case week-, double the number and add one), so he is right on time. 

The other news about Dean is that his kidneys were performing at about 30%. The doctor took him off some meds that he was taking and thinks that he will regain full or nearly full function. That was certainly good news. This week he sees the cardiologist again  and we will see what other lifestyle changes we are to make. Right now - no red meat, no salt. I am fairly sure that there will be more restrictions. 
My tool chests are here and I have assembled them and they are nearly filled. When I get things just a little more straightened out I will take some photos to share with you. Meanwhile, all is well. 


Chrissy said…
I sympathise with Dean about the diet, even if it is for his good. I expect the doc will be prescribing lots of exercise. We have little machines which record the amount of steps we take in a day - with the aim of 10,000. Our brisk morning walks use up about a third.

I'm glad you enjoyed your creative days. The results are bold and beautiful. Pic 2 is lovely.

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