The beat goes on

The beat of the hammers, that is. Our back yard has been host to a huge dump truck, an equally large backhoe, and a cement mixer over the last several days. At one point they were all here. Accompanying the sounds of the machines, Justin and Drew have been down near the basement and up on the roof with hammers and saws. So work is progressing; today there was no rain, nor was there on Saturday so lots could get done. Tonight about an inch of rain is predicted.

Meanwhile, I have been trying to keep from going crazy in a house where nearly everything is out of place. When the sun came out I took down the window panel/curtain in our room to let in all the sun possible. And I have been drawing and knitting and studying for my class. Tomorrow I have to vacuum up dog hair. If I don't, by the next day it will be knee deep.

Seeing the photo of the drawing, I notice that her left eye needs work. Funny how you don't notice little things until you see it in a different light/place. I guess that I was always looking at her hair which I like.  

I like this guy. Those aren't really glasses, he has really baggy eyes. I did the drawing in ballpoint, though and couldn't make  changes. Scary. 

This is what I do during class. I am really paying attention, but my hand is moving and I am using the other side of my brain. At least that is what I tell myself. 

They poured footers today for the foundation wall, and there is a huge pile of gravel in front of the garage doors. I wonder what tomorrow (later today) will bring? 

Thanks for letting me blather on. 


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